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By: Caitlin Moore

Looking at a postcard of your upcoming vacation destination is one thing, looking at it and seeing the house youll be staying in tucked into the foreground is quite another. If you follow the lead of the thousands of people that choose to stay in a Scottsdale vacation rental this year, youll have the opportunity to enjoy picture perfect scenery from the perch of a fabulous home base. Look out across the desert towards the striking sight of Camelback Mountain or Papago Buttes, and try to grow accustomed to the feeling of living in an ideal.

Scottsdale is the jewel of Arizona in terms of offering everything that a tourist could ever want or need. Fine weather, golf courses galore, a vibrant atmosphere of western-themed fun and enough shops and spas to send your worry lines and headaches running for the hills all come together to make for an accessible and never boring, not to mention visually pleasing, getaway location. You may have imagined this region to be a vast desert, but its not all dry and drab thanks to the bustling, magnetic town of Scottsdale.

Youll quickly realize, if you havent already, that theres plenty to see and do here, so for now it would be wise to think about where you should stay. Scottsdale is lucky in that its a great host for vacation rentals because it boasts lovely views from every angle; theres also plenty of wide open space, so choosing a property will involve some soul-searching because there are just so many of them. Dont worry, these are the fun kinds of decisions to make, not the stressful ones.

The postcard property mentioned earlier really does exist; if you look at a picture of majestic Camelback you can likely see this town home proudly standing at its base. Floor to ceiling windows capture the entrancing outdoor scene on two sides of the property, so light tends to fill the living and dining rooms all day long. Tasteful, modern decorations will make you feel quite sophisticated, as will the fact that youre less than two miles from historic, artsy downtown. In no time at all you can find yourself window shopping for a painting or sculpture to remember your trip by, dining on a fabulous meal or attending a show or play.

If the outdoors call out to you, go the other direction for a hike or a bike ride. The Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden are also nearby, so even though youll feel like youre in a faraway world of picturesque splendor, youre not at all isolated from real-life pleasures. From shopping to simply enjoying nature, youll have all that you could want to do at your fingertips.

The best part is, Scottsdale is brimming with equally pleasing properties. Not all are featured in post cards, but most are attractive in their own right and located everywhere from the citys center to the outlying areas of the desert. Resort style condos are one way to go, as are luxury casitas practically sitting atop your favorite golf course. Most are equipped with every modern convenience like DVD players, wireless internet, barbeque grills and washer and dryers, making it seem convenient and even necessary that you stay for a good long while. Nothing is more of a downer than leaving a vacation too soon, so allow yourself a good healthy chunk of time to enjoy Scottsdale and your comfy new digs.

Golfers, shoppers, adventure nuts and artistic spirits will all find ways to have a good time in Scottsdale, and for each different taste there is an appropriate vacation rental as well. The best way to end up on cloud nine is to start researching today; go online to peruse the vast array of Scottsdale Vacation Rentals and choose the one that makes you feel like youll be climbing into a breathtaking photograph of a vacation. is an extensive marketplace of vacation rentals listings.

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