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By: Oh Srichaphan

Are you dreading taking your car in for a service because the last time you did that instead of giving you a peace of mind, the mechanic did the opposite and gave you a headache? Look for quality, value and service and we can give you a few tips as to how.

Look early, you have to keep your eyes open for a quality place to get your service done before you actually need one. Otherwise, youre more likely to take your car to the nearest shop rather than the best in the area. Ask around for recommendations and then do background check on the mechanics you found through referrals.

Check with the local Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed. Check if the shop is certified by AAA or ASE. Make sure they service your make of cars or if they specialize in different makes and models. Ask about the shop policies regarding payment, hourly rates and warranty and if the warranty covers both parts and labor. Ask for full explanation of what is going to be done to your car. Whoever you talk to should be courteous and helpful and if you have any question regarding anything at all, ask. Even if you think its a stupid question because its your car they will be working on.

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