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Enjoy Great Desert Experiences With Phoenix Golf Vacations

By: Mike Pedersen

Phoenix is in Arizona! I know you know that, but did you realize that Arizona and desert country can provide fabulous golf vacations? Restaurants with food to die for! Shopping that makes Paris, France look like downtown wherever! And if you have never seen the beauty of desert country, with its unusual wildlife and fantastic flora, then you have never lived.

Phoenix offers a fabulous vacation even without the golf! So with it . . . you will find it a golfers heaven. Phoenix golf vacations are just right out of this world! The Valley of the Sun has not far off 200 golf courses and you can holiday in Phoenix for as long or as short as you like. Take a month or take a couple of days the golf courses are great and the entertainment almost as good (well, what could be better than golf? .. don't answer that!).

The Golf Is Great and the Food Is Heaven

What better than to land at Deer Valley Airport, drive straight to your hotel or rented condo in your hired car then straight onto the golf course. Play a round or two, back to your room and have a bite to eat. The restaurants in Phoenix are many and varied so have a burger and Bud or a filet mignon with a lovely Napa Valley Merlot. The choice is yours, as is the choice of golf course.

Many Phoenix golf courses are of the 'target golf' design, with islands of fairways and greens surround by desert. These allow you to test your driving and chipping accuracy, though there are also courses of traditional style available if you prefer to stick with what you know. But they sure test your accuracy!

Sweat and Play Golf Cheap, then Cool Down in the Bar or Pool

If you are looking for cost reductions, youll find that the green fees get lower as temperature rises. Great for the guy or gal who take advantage of the night clubs and are lively when the going gets hot!

Besides golf, Phoenix vacations offers the holidaymaker history exemplified by Native American exhibits and also the Phoenix Zoo which is doing a great job in preserving the endangered desert wildlife. There are botanical gardens and, more welcome to the thirsty golfer, a great variety of watering holes, otherwise known as bars!

No family could possibly be disappointed by a Phoenix golfing holiday. Even the non-golfers have lots to do and to see, the night life is popular with both teens and their parents, and if it gets too hot . . . that pool is just sheer heaven!

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