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Mesa Real Estate Peace Above the Bustling City

By: Jeffrey Nelson

Mesa, Arizona, is located in the East Valley area of Maricopa County. Mesa rests on a plateau that is situated above the city of Phoenix. Phoenix lies before Mesa in a dazzling display, especially at night time, when the night lights stretch for miles. Voted one of the most livable cities in the country, Mesa is a wonderful family community with beautiful housing developments.

Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona. The city is growing up quickly, in part because its located so close to so many major employers. The growing east valley is home to major employers like Intel, Motorola and Insight. In addition, people flock to Mesa for its close proximity to Arizona State University.

Mesa is also a great community for sports fans. Home to the baseballs Cactus League spring training, playing field of the NFLs Arizona Cardinals, and numerous PGA golf tournaments, Mesa attracts many home owners that love a vibrant neighborhood that supports professional level sports.

Any community that has a number of tourist attractions (like the sports franchises) are bound to attract considerable walk-in traffic to other local business venues. Thats one of the reasons Mesa has a thriving retail community, especially when combined with the student population from ASU. This provides a stable economic climate for the community, lots of job opportunity and many services to local residents.

People that enjoy a little more hands-on involvement in sports and recreation will love Mesa. Mesa is a great jumping off spot for those that enjoy hiking, boating, mountain biking, or even hot-air ballooning. Imagine living in a community thats so close to all the activities you love.

Real estate in Mesa reflects the needs and interests of its growing population. There are starter homes for those just starting out in their career, beautiful communities with golf course, safe family neighborhoods for those looking for homes for their growing families, and condominiums for those commuting to the University or the busy retail environment.

Mesa homes have appreciated in value significantly over the last several years. There are homes for everyone in the area, in a variety of price points. These homes will continue to increase in value of the next few years.

Mesa is a great community for those that enjoy living above the hectic pace of the city. Its a scenic community that offers a great deal to residents and tourists alike.

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