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Gas Prices Cannot be Justified by Market Conditions, Spin Aside

By: K. Kemper

I am an expert at 6th grade math. I am fair at recognizing SPIN. I have told my friends that oils end product, gas, was selling at retail 2 yrs ago, for $1.17 in Phoenix, Az.

At that price, the oil companies were making a good profit. Of that retail price, a maximum of 30% was imported oil. Lets do the math;

1.17 x 33% [same thing as 30%] is 3 8.6 1or .39.

.39 was imported and the rest was HOME grown. OIL has now gone up from $35 a barrel to 75 a barrel. Or 2.3 times.

OUT of each gallon we buy, 33% is imported, so, 33% we bring in per gallon at $75 a barrel.

1/3 of our gallon of gas has gone up 2.3 times. Our 1/3 used to cost us .39 x 2.3= .81. Our new gallon of gas at war HIGH costs, should cost us 1.17 + 81 = 1.98

WE are paying about $2.98. That is $1 per gallon more than can be explained away.

WE are told about Iran, Iraq, and other nations battles and arguments. Who cares? We are talking about .81 per gal of gas. FOUR years ago, that was our retail price. .81!!

Someone is getting an extra $1.00 a gal. ON the house. FROM our US pockets. They have done nothing extra to earn it. Except lie and spin.

Just thought you would like to know.

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