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Gas Prices Cannot be Justified by Market Conditions, Spin Aside

I am an expert at 6th grade math. I am fair at recognizing SPIN. I have told my friends that oils end product, gas, was selling at retail 2 yrs ago, for $1.17 in Phoenix, Az.

At that price,

Hope for Mesothelioma Patients Via the Valley of the Sun

Results were very positive from the Oncology Nursing Societys 6th Annual Institutes of Learning (ONS) meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

There were several clinical studies and several ongoing studi

Phoenix Arizona Public Relations Health and Fitness Writer Make the Grade

In Phoenix Arizona with their excellent weather all winter we see so many health and fitness folks who watch their foraging and fight to stay fit forever. Indeed you can see them in the early mornin

Is Phoenix Real Estate Headed for Boom or Bust

Phoenix has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the country for the last couple of years. This constant demand for real estate has resulted in almost unprecedented appreciation rates. B